A sad day looms for the Roebuck

Phil Dale outside the Roebuck when he first took over
Phil Dale outside the Roebuck when he first took over

Dear All

Just a note to up-date you on the situation at The Roebuck and it is not good news I’m afraid. Unfortunately, unless there is a miraculous upturn in business over the next few weeks, we will have no alternative but to relinquish the tenancy as of the 30th June 2013.

We have held the tenancy now for around 6 months and although we feel that great strides have been made in improving the facilities and the offering at the pub, unfortunately the volatility in the takings just do not make a financially viable case for us to continue.

We have approached the owners again, Admiral Taverns, and asked for support of any kind but, unfortunately they are unwilling to assist “as the pub is up for sale”.

The pub really needs an individual or team who could dedicate the necessary time and resources to turn it around permanently.  As you are aware we run a manufacturing business which takes up a lot of our time and so we cannot dedicate the required resource alone.

There is a very real prospect of the pub being boarded up as from the beginning of July.  This is very much what we hoped to avoid but it seems that The Roebuck just does not attract sufficient sustained custom for either food or drink at the moment to remain a viable financial proposition without extensive resources in time and expertise to market all the things it has going for it – which are many.

We would like to add that we have thoroughly enjoyed our time at the pub.  We have had great support from Pete and the staff and we have met and got to know lots of people that we would not ordinarily have come into contact with and have been very touched by the significant support and contributions people have made, for example restoring the Petanque pitch and clearing out and significantly improving the beer garden to name but a few. Other contributions such as the B&B sending us as many clients as possible, arranging the Acoustic Night, which perks up a Thursday no end, and our Race Night which was a great success.  None of these would have been possible without the concerted efforts of local patrons and we would like to thank everyone concerned.

In the meantime we would be happy to accept any suggestions or support to help prevent the closure. To this end, if we can gather enough interest, we are happy to hold a meeting, at the pub of course, where we can answer any questions and discuss what, if any future The Roebuck may have, after all it’s your pub and your views are always welcome. Due to other business commitments the next available date would be Sunday 9th June. Please email Phil if you would be interested and / or able to attend the meeting – phildale@laytontechnologies.com

Finally, we have only sent this notice to the few email addresses we have for people with an interest in the pub – there are many we will not have reached so please feel free to spread the word.

Best regards

Phil & Julie Dale