Hilderstone Children’s Club

The creative minds of Hilderstone Children's Club
The creative minds of Hilderstone Children’s Club

The new Hilderstone Children’s Club has enjoyed a busy and creative month – they were joined in the village hall by a potter who helped everyone to make their vety own coil pots and tiles. And they will be painting these next month along with lots of other activities (so don’t worry if you couldn’t make it this month!).

There was lots of messy fun, everyone met some new friends and learnt to do something new and exciting and they are all e’re all looking forward to the May club meeting on Sunday the 19th when on top of painting their pots and tiles, they will be planting up some wooden containers and starting their own Sunflower competition!

New members are always welcome of any age so come along and join in the fun from 2-4pm