Keep Westbridge Park Green Quiz

The winners - he Stone Statues
The winners – the Stone Statues – Ian Fordham, Tom Kelt, Judith Kelt, Gill Fordham & Les Dunn

Keep Westbridge Park Green’s pressure group held a pub quiz at Granvilles on Sunday 17th March to raise funds towards the costs of the consultative process KWPG undertook in February.

And as the best way of getting a donation is to give someone something in return, the group appealed to Adam’s benevolent nature for a venue and Al and Carol Lee’s generosity as quizmasters, to hold a Quiz with a St Patricks Day element as well as a topical final round of questions to test all the entrants on their knowledge of the home town.

As the Stone & EccleshallsGazette’s team in association with Walton Stores – Arrested Development – we were already preparing our acceptance speech when the winners were announced.

Beaten by some sixteen points, and not even getting a mention in dispatches, we were left to congratulate the winners – The Stone Statues – and make our way home wondering where we went wrong … we even got Mary Peters right!

Still it was all all in a well supported cause … over 70 of us had a splendid time and helped to raise almost £800. Result.