Stone artist Emma is cut up into tiny pieces

Artist Emma Joustra
Emma Joustra – Stone’s well known and appreciated artist

Emma Joustra is already a well known and appreciated Stone artist with her own iconic style that uses modern techniques to create an intangible nostalgia … almost like fairground illustrative art where she randomly scatters instantly recogniseable faces/buidings/pets
and wildlife onto a montage. It seems that everywhere you go in Stone, you’ll bump into an Emma original … even the Gazette has immortalised its family – many of whom passed away in the 1980’ & 90’s – on a cottage we haven’t lived at for 18 years.

Emma’s talent is to create a representative image so that it is immediately recogniseable. Which is precisely why so many readers and in particular, businesses, now have an Emma original gracing their home or reception. And with her recent commissions at the University Hospital of North Staffs, Emma has gone from A3 or A4 potraits to 10ft murals … for Emma this has been a great deal of hard work, but it has helped spread the demand for her work.

And now, she has her first jigsaw licensed to WH Smiths … so everone now can own an Emma Joustra illustration that will also bring hours of fun as well as being decorative. The Gazette can well imagine people buying the jigsaw just to finish it so they can then wallmount it. Who knows, another Potteries’ artist could well have created the first in a line of collectables … it would be nothing more than Emma deserves.

The jigsaw is called ‘Parents Race’ – Emma’s brief was to draw the parents race on a school sports day – egg and spoon or sack race. Emma, being Emma, felt the egg and spoon offered more potential for spills and the sack race is lining up in the background. The jigsaw is currently available in their larger stores (Hanley is the closest to us) @ £13.99 or 2 for £20) … but let’s all try to get Stone to stock it … the more of us who ask, the more likely it is to happen.

Meanwhile, the next Emma Joustra front page for Stone Festival will be on the front of the Festival programme included in next month’s magazine.