Stone in Bloom in 2013 – Growing for Gold

Green shoots emerge on the A34 near Whitebridge
Green shoots emerge on the A34 near Whitebridge

The 25 trees featured in the last issue have now been successfully planted by our volunteers in the woodland area of the common plot and we invite you to watch their progress.

‘Edible Britain’ and Wild Flowers

This year as a first , we have been allocated two beds in Stonefield Park. One will be sown with wildflowers to give a succession of colour and interest throughout the summer. The second will be planted with herbs and vegetables in support of this years RHS theme of ‘Edible Britain’A wonderful response has been received to the appeal for sponsors of the 2013 Wild Flower beds. Donations are coming in from commercial businesses and from appreciative and enthusiastic residents. We still welcome further support.

Heritage Broad Beans for the Park display
Heritage Broad Beans for the Park display

We will have small trial packets of our own saved wild flower seed for people to purchase and sow in their own gardens, on our stall at the April Farmers Market.

Winter/ Spring activities

The prolonged winter weather is affecting all plants, particularly noticeable are the daffodil bulbs newly planted in the area near the Whitebridge estate. Just a little wamth and sunshine would really encourage flowering!

A resident of Whitebridge contacted Stone in Bloom to inform us that there was graffiti along the canal towpath and on the ‘Welcome to Stone’ sign. An urgent plea for help was made via the local media and despite the chosen day being March 10th ( Mothering Sunday), seventeen volunteers turned out to assist with the clean up. Many thanks are due to all who participated in spite of the freezing temperatures and snow!

The County Council Highways department did a really good job cutting back the trees on the old Whitebridge Lane, making sure it was done before nesting time.

Kay Porter, a volunteer gets to grips with the graffiti by the canal
Kay Porter, a volunteer gets to grips with the graffiti by the canal

Stone in Bloom litter picked the area and the work to restore the walkway is ongoing.

After each work party the Stone in Bloom group discuss their next project. The dog fouling problem in and around Stone seems worse than it has ever been. The canal towpath, the Common plot, Westbridge Park and the playing field in Whitemill Lane are all popular areas for walking and children playing. The dog fouling can have dire consequences on a child’s health. It would help if all dog owners took responsibility for clearing up after their pets and you should be aware that the Dog Warden will in future be patrolling these areas.


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