Join in Eccleshall Festival of Sport


Join In comes to Eccleshall, in what is being billed as a ‘Festival of Sport’ for local people to feast upon during the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28thJuly 2013 with five local Eccleshall sports clubs throwing open their doors for anyone to attend to either get involved with the sport, whether it be trying it out for the first time under expert tuition or renewing an association with that sport, or simply volunteering for the first time in whatever capacity they can, from coaching, providing administrative support through to making the teas for teams.

Everyone is invited to take part in whatever capacity they feel most comfortable, but whichever one that is, people are invited to get involved and engaged with local sports in their community.

The Clubs and sports involved include Eccleshall Cricket Club, Eccleshall Rugby Club, Eccleshall Eagles Junior Football Club and Eccleshall Football Club, Eccleshall Indoor Bowls Club and Izaak Walton Golf Club and the event has been supported by Eccleshall Estate Agents Edge Goodrich.

These events are part of the wider Join In Stafford initiative being led by Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent and Stafford Borough Council’s Sports and Leisure department and includes other sports like Tennis, Squash, Netball and Cycling.  These are hailed as being part of the largest combined celebration of local sports across the country, with attendance forecast to be larger than last year’s events where over 300,000 people took part in events across 30,000 clubs, with 30,000 new volunteers getting involved.

One of the organisers, Chris Milward from Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, said :
“One of the real successes from last year’s London Olympics was raising the profile of the importance of volunteers in sport and the support that they provide. The Games Makers last year really helped make people’s enjoyment of the Games and individual events and one of the things that we want to encourage is for more people to become involved with clubs as willing volunteers. The festival of sport provides a great opportunity to become involved with your local sports clubs and really make a difference to your community.”

Jeremy Pert, leading the project locally said :
“This is a ground breaking set of events, with sports clubs working together collaboratively across an area to offer people an opportunity to try out either one sport or a range of sports, and all of these Clubs are looking to throw open their doors and welcome anyone to attend, of an ability or prior experience, just to experience their sport.  It was amazing at last year’s Olympics to see how many people had not taken part in their sport previously but through opportunity, ability and dedication were able to perform at the highest level.  This set of events provides everyone with just that sort of opportunity.”

“This turns the conventional logic on its head – that sports club should work independently.  But by working together across the whole area, this ‘Festival of Sport’ can provide people with a really different weekend of activities and events to attend and I am hoping people will feel really engaged and enthusiastic and even existing Club members will turn out and take some of their friends along just for the experience.”


The events in the Eccleshall area include :-

Thursday 25th July 2013

7.30 – 9.30pm

Eccleshall Indoor Bowls Club , Open night for anyone to attend

Eccleshall Community Centre, Shaws Lane, Eccleshall


Saturday 27th July 2013

10 am – 3pm

Eccleshall Eagles Junior Football Club, Bishop Lonsdale Primary School, Shaws Lane, Eccleshall

Open day for anyone (4 – 16) to attend

2 – 5pm

Eccleshall Cricket Club, Chester Road, Eccleshall, League match – open for anyone to attend and watch

3 – 5pm

Eccleshall Football Club, Chester Road, Pershall, Near Eccleshall

Eccleshall FC vs. FC Mold Alexandra – open for anyone to attend and watch


Sunday 28th July 2013

10 – noon

Eccleshall Rugby Club, Bishop Lonsdale Primary School, Shaws Lane, Eccleshall

Open day for anyone of any age to attend


10am – 3pm

Izaak Walton Golf Club, Cold Norton, Stone

Open for anyone (3 – 70) to attend


11.30am – 4pm

Stone Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, Newcastle Road, Stone

Open for anyone to attend


1 – 3pm

Eccleshall Cricket Club – Juniors, Chester Road, Eccleshall

Open day for anyone (6 – 21) to attend


For full details of the events programme and for further information, across the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th July, are available at