Wrestling and Boxing Snakes set for Hospice visit

Beckie with Bearded Dragons Sasha and Sonia.
Beckie with Bearded Dragons Sasha and Sonia.

Snakes named after wrestling and boxing stars are some of the special guests coming to The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Summer Fayre and Open Garden.

Hogan, named after Hulk Hogan, and Floyd, whose namesake is Floyd Merryweather, are Royal Pythons from specialist animal company Walk on the Wild Side.

They will be making the short trip from the family-based business in Trentham Lakes to the Hospice to take part in its Summer Fayre and Open Day on Saturday, 6th July, from 11am to 4pm.

Walk on the Wild side was set up by professional zoo keeper Beckie Reeves. She provides educational encounters for people who can meet her animals, find out more about them, and even handle them as well have their picture taken with them.”

Beckie said: “Our Walk on the Wide side visits are something different and are about bringing the zoo to people so they can learn about animals they may have only seen in books. Families who have children with disabilities have the added difficulties of just trying to travel to a zoo, so we can bring the animals to them.

“All the animals are my pets and they each have a name. Some people may be scared of snakes but they are lovely pets and people can see that when they have the chance to just learn about them and even stroke or hold them.”

Other animals taking part in the Summer Fayre and Open Garden include lizards, tortoise, and a range of mini-beasts including millipedes, cockroaches, scorpions and a tarantula.

All the money raised from the Summer Fayre and Open Day will go towards the Hospice’s annual £2.5M running costs to help more than 180 families from across Staffordshire and South Cheshire who have children with life-limiting conditions.