South African art exhibition for Stone in September


Orphans have been helped by an exhibition held in Stone in November last year. The beautiful embroidered and beaded products of the Fancy Stitch self-help women’s group from Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, were exhibited and sold at an exciting event which raised an extraordinary amount of £1,812.

Forty orphans had been identified whose mothers had embroidered for Fancy Stitch. This part of South Africa has a devastating 42% rate of HIV with an average of life expectancy 39 years. The children were in desperate straits having lost the most important person in their lives. Fancy Stitch decided to spend much of the Stone money on buying the children each a full set of good quality, durable school uniforms including robust shoes – many of the children walk long distances to school.

A new school bag, personalised with their own name, was also given to the children, made by one of the Fancy Stitch ladies, hereby giving further employment. Now these young people will feel far more part of the school community and more likely to attend and enjoy school. The school uniforms were distributed at a special day at the Fancy Stitch headquarters.

Many of the children looked very needy indeed and subsequently Fancy Stitch have decided to give them special attention and more care for their needs. More and more orphans are coming to light as word gets around of this Fancy Stitch initiative.

The November exhibition of the Fancy Stitch work in Stone was a huge success, many people have asked when another would be held! So, on Wednesday, 25th September there will be another event at Stone Railway Station from 12.00 to 5.30pm. Light refreshments will be available throughout the day. Embroidered pictures, photo frames, bookmarks, linen bags, cards, keyrings as well as wooden and beaded products of various designs will be on display to show the expertise and talent of these remarkable women. There will be additional items which will we are sure will be of interest. The exhibition offers a real insight into an African way of life in a very remote part of South Africa. There will also be a talk on the everyday life of these women – this includes photographs of the ladies themselves and their work.

All proceeds go directly to Fancy Stitch, which is a registered South African charity. Entry into the exhibition is free and everyone is invited to attend this interesting event. If you have any questions or need further information please telephone Jill Jones on 01782 791016.