Women at War at Oulton Village hall


Lucky Penny theatre presents Women at War at Oulton Village hall on the 13th of July.

The performance will start at 6pm.

We welcome you to join the fun as Women at war looks at the trials and tribulations Rosemary and Marjory face when they are trying to hold there selves together, even when outside their whole world has been turned upside down as a result of the Blitz.

This is a play about friendship through hardship and devastation. Not only do you get to watch a great play, there’s also tea, scones, homemade lemonade, cupcakes, and fox trots.

This promises to be a lovely afternoon that you must attend, oh and to top it all off you’ll be raising money for Childreach international, yes that’s correct, with every penny you spend with it will be going straight to the charity.  At £4 a ticket, you really can’t go wrong. For more information please visit

luckypennytheatre@gmail.com and  the box office number: 07542 181 848