From Russsia with love

The Mayor of Stafford Borough Angela Loughran, and consort, John, along with visiting scouts from Siberia.. The picture also includes scout leaders and some members of the 1st Eccleshall Scouts

Scouts from a remote area of Siberia called Ust-Abakan are seen here visiting the Staffor Mayor’s parlour for a talk on the history of Stafford and mayoralty.

They kindly presented a letter of greetings and thanks to the Stafford Mayor, Cllr Angela Loughran who in turn gave them a borough plaque for their mayor

Thy went on to visit  theAncient High House in Stafford and on for a picnic in Victoria Park.

A total of 26 scouts aged between 11 and 18 years old visited, leaving on 23 August.

The visit follows follows the visit of the 1st Eccleshall Scouts to Siberia in 2010 for three weeks. They also visited the  International Friendship camp at Kibblestone, Stone before deacamping for for a week in Harlech.