The Gift of Sight for ‘Gentle Brian!’


Fans of “ Life of Brian” will be keen to hear about how they might improve the ‘life of Brian’ – a 23 year old capuchin monkey whose home is at our own neighbourhood wildlife centre – Gentleshaw, based at Fletcher’s Garden Centre, Stone Road, Eccleshall and open for visitors six days a week

As I write Brian will fail to see the funny side of this because he has cataracts in both eyes, which means that he can’t see much at all!
Gentleshaw have plans to update the monkey enclosure which Brian shares with two other rescued capuchins but because Brian’s condition means that he would be unfamiliar with new surroundings being almost blind, they haven’t wanted to make the changes.

Over the past year his eyesight has deteriorated quite quickly and it became obvious that he needed an operation, so Gentleshaw staff set about the task of finding a specialist vet able to carry out this vital work.
The search took them to Frodsham in Cheshire where a vet examined Brian’s eyes and because only the front of the eyes are affected the condition was deemed perfectly operable. The vet will carry out the operation very soon.
Then with plenty of years left to enjoy life Brian will be able to see again.

All this costs money but if you feel you are able to see your way to help improve the life of Brian and maybe visit him as he recovers from quite a serious operation, then please contact Gentleshaw on 01785 850379. Website

Gentleshaw is a Registered Charity, and survives on admission fees and donations from the public.