Stone and District Round Table Open for New Recruits

lgtable-1toto0fStone and District Round Table is opening its doors to new members in the run up to the winter period with two great offers for men in Stone.

The organisation is offering two years’ free membership for men under the age of 26 and six months’ free membership for former or current members of the Armed Forces.

With beer garden weather on the decline and outdoor sport opportunities at a premium, men across Stone will be looking for a new hobby to keep them busy, which is why Round Table is giving locals a way to get out and do something different in the evenings.

To make it easier for men to find out more about getting involved with their local table, the organisation has a dedicated email address to help with the process. Interested men can email for more information about their local club.

Cait Allen, chief executive of Round Table, said: “We are delighted to offer two extra incentives for local men to boost their social life and make a difference to their community. With the children back at school and adults returning to work after the summer holidays, men typically look for new social activities as the darker nights put a dampener on any outdoor plans.”

Cait continued: “Round Table is all about trying new experiences and activities, making new friends and putting something back into the community. It’s great that so many people have already joined Round Table this year – we’ve had more new members than previous years and we expect that to increase again during our busy season.”

“We’re welcoming anyone who’s interested in getting involved to go along to their local Table and see what it’s all about.”

To find out more about Stone and District Round Table, including how to go along and try an event, email or visit