It’s time to plan your annual Wassail!

Wassail-PresentationThe Barlaston Wassail has come of age. Now in its 10th year, this unique folk custom is staying in the village so it is open to all the community (no walk on the hilly Barlaston Downs!). Village Green at 5.30pm: The father of the village of Barlaston, Beornwulf, will arise from his coffin on new year’s eve for this night only. He is brought to life by the children of the village (this part is aimed at families with young children who may not wish to walk round the village later – you are welcome to join them). Thereafter, an interlude (whilst Beornwulf goes home to have his tea!). 9.30pm: The walk starts from Orchard Place in lower Barlaston. It’s a great family night stroll from house-to-house (door-to-door), with revelry, toasts, honouring local Anglo-Saxon saints, ending in a fire display, parade, huge papier mache models, dance round the village tree at midnight. Please £3 per adult, £1 per child for the raffle to win the ‘famous’ Barlaston Wassail tankard. It is inscribed with a verse celebrating news nationally/ & in the village. The event is in aid of Riding for The Disabled. Playing musicians; fancy dress; viking helmets etc, sparklers, glow torches.