FREE spring tree packs for community groups



Applications to the Woodland Trust accepted until 9th January 2014

This autumn, the Woodland Trust is sending out over half a million free trees to be planted in winter. Anyone who missed out this time can still apply for packs before January 9th to be delivered in spring, to make their schools, neighbourhoods and communities greener. Since the Trust started its free tree scheme, 180 packs have been sent to Staffordshire, that’s 42,075 new trees planted in your county!
Packs of trees come in different sizes and themes to choose from. Anyone successfully applying for a spring pack will receive their trees ready for planting in March.
Community groups such as parish councils, sports clubs, Brownies, Scouts and many more can apply for packs of either a small pack (30 trees), medium pack (105 trees), or a large pack (420 trees). Schools are automatically eligible for free packs of 30 trees, in either a ‘hedge’ or ‘copse’ theme, but can apply to be considered for the medium and large packs if they wish.
Schools and communities applying for the medium and large tree packs can choose from six themes – trees ideal for year-round colour, wild harvest, wildlife, wetland, working wood and wild wood .
Beverley Gormley, the Trust’s tree packs project manager, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be giving away half a million trees in this month alone. Planting these free trees will not only help people make their schools and neighbourhoods greener and healthier, it’s also a great chance for people to do something meaningful together for their local community, and getting children involved is the perfect way to teach them about their environment and help them connect with nature.”
The Trust believes everyone should have easy access to woodland: regular contact with green spaces has been linked to reductions in diabetes, obesity, stress, and other disorders. Trees also provide habitat and food for wildlife, they produce oxygen, absorb carbon, cut pollution, and help reduce flooding. They give us shade and shelter, and a source of timber, fuel, fruit and nuts. Planting trees creates a real legacy for the future.
To apply for your free pack, head to

The tree packs have been generously funded by lead partners IKEA FAMILY and Biffa Award, and by Nicky and players of People’s Postcode Lottery.