Be the voice for Ancient Woodland


The Woodland Trust is appealing for people to stand up for our ancient woodland before it’s too late.

The Woodland Trust is appealing for people in Stone to make it clear to Government that one of Staffordshire’s most precious and rare natural habitats cannot be lost to development.

Irreplaceable ancient woodland which has been around since 1600AD is at risk of being lost completely. Such woods have developed over centuries into complex, diverse and completely irreplaceable ecosystems. Currently only 2% of the UK is covered in ancient woodland, and we stand to lose a lot more. 23% of Staffordshire’s woodland is classed as ancient, including the historic Cannock Chase.

Recent comments from the Secretary of State for the Environment have made it clear that ancient woodland needs better protection from development and from biodiversity offsetting.

Cheryl Fox, a volunteer from the Woodland Trust said,

“Ancient woodland is completely irreplaceable – you cannot destroy it and simply plant it again somewhere else. Ecosystems this complex take thousands of years to develop, and without suitable habitat, many of our ancient plant species would be lost forever.

Unfortunately, ancient woodland does not have a voice and cannot stand up for itself. We need to stand up for our ancient woods in order to gain better protection for this rare and precious habitat and valuable natural resource, before it’s too late.”

The Woodland Trusts latest campaign is aimed at the Prime Minister. If the citizens of the UK can get David Cameron to agree how valuable our ancient woodland is, the charity believes there is a better chance of guaranteeing its full protection through Government policy.

The Woodland Trust has prepared a letter which will be sent directly to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street. All you have to do is visit and enter your name and address to take your stand.