Peak Performance

Jeff-Kent-Cover-2013-copyCotes Heath author Jeff Kent has produced the first-ever guide to Staffordshire’s 65 1,000-foot peaks, which he identified and climbed in 2012. The book catalogues his conquests of these mini-mountains, including his ascent of the Yawning Stone by ladder, his encounter with llamas below the Ramshaw Rocks and braving a gale on the summit of Bunster Hill. The peaks’ topography is described in detail, giving their main features, geology, vegetation, views from their summits and conditions underfoot. For those interested in climbing them, the book outlines 27 circular walks in which all of the peaks can be climbed from low ground to give a sense of their height. The book is illustrated with 80 colour photographs and 28 colour maps showing the peaks’ location and recommended access routes. Priced £14.75, ‘Staffordshire’s 1000-foot Peaks’ is available from local bookshops. Signed copies are also available at cover price direct from the author, who will deliver free within the Gazette circulation area. Contact Jeff Kent at