Blue Peter badges!

Blue-Peter-Badges-copyPupils from St. Dominic’s Priory pupils earn their Blue Peter badges, Scarlett Caine (P6), Hugo Caine (P3), Georgia Elsby (P6), Emily Frodsham (P6), Amelia Moore (P6) and Harriet Pickering (P6) sent in a variety of letters, short stories and artwork in order to receive a Blue Peter badge through the post.

Emily wrote to Blue Peter about her dedication to charity work, Amelia sent in a letter which described her participation in fundraising for a variety of charities, and Harriet described how she dedicates her free time to playing musical instruments at local fundraising events.

Hugo gained a blue badge for his creative and imaginative short story about robots and Scarlett was awarded a blue and purple badge for her short story and review of a Blue Peter Episode. Georgia received a blue badge for her fictional spooky tale, and a special green badge for sending in her Eco project, which involved making the Blue Peter logo out of recycled cardboard and leaves, and now has a place on the Blue Peter Badge Wall!

Well done to all of them on their fantastic achievements. It is wonderful to see pupils recognised for their hard work in their creative and fundraising endeavours.