New roundabouts for Meaford?

Proposed new layout at Meaford
Proposed new layout at Meaford

Jan 29th: Staffordshire County Council held a public drop-in session at Meaford’s George and Dragon pub about plans to remodel nearby roads.  The £6 million project has been triggered by the proposed regeneration of Meaford Business Park by developer St Modwen. The redevelopment, which includes a gas-fired power station, would potentially create up to 2,400 jobs.

Two new roundabouts would be built, a three-arm one on the A34 at its junction with Meaford Road and a four-arm one on Meaford Road at its junction with Rookery Road. The fourth arm here is a new 300-metre access road, with footpath and cycleway to the new Business Park.

At Meaford Village, Meaford View’s northern access to the A34 in both directions would be blocked off to improve village safety and prevent rat running. Meaford View’s southern access to the A34 would be via the new roundabout.

Improvements would also be made to a nearby culvert which has caused serious flooding on Meaford Road in the last couple of years. At the Rookery Lane Roundabout, Rookery Lane would be rebuilt slightly north of the existing roadway, which would be preserved as a bridleway.

A section of Meaford Road in front of St. Vincent Mews would also be realigned to improve visibility. The redundant section of Meaford Road would be landscaped and planted with a variety of trees and shrubs. A pavement and cycle path would be created along Meaford Road, where a 50mph speed limit would be introduced. The road improvement costs would be shared between St Modwen and the County Council, which is applying for Government Pinch Point funding.

“We are starting the planning procedure now so we can start works as soon as the funding comes through,” Project Manager Andy Mason told the Gazette. “The earliest we could start work is April 2015, and then it would take eight months.”

“I am thrilled about the north end of Meaford View being blocked off, which would protect Meaford Nursery from passing traffic,” commented Barlaston Parish Councillor Elaine Philpott.  “However, the new Rookery Road roundabout will need weight restriction signs to prevent HGVs from the new business park trying to drive through Barlaston.”