Can you help a Stone Young Farmer to get to Ghana?


Dear Readers,

my name is Amy Nicholls and I am the secretary of Stone Young Farmers. Recently I was given the chance to have a place on a team travel trip to Ghana in Africa thanks to the YFC Discovery Program, along with 10 other Young Farmers from across the County, one of which is Lydia Alcock from Leek YFC.

In August this year Lydia and I will be flying out for two weeks to work in an Orphanage and on a traditional Ghanaian farm. For both of us this trip will push our boundaries and show us another way of farming which we aren’t used to. Being in Young Farmers has taught us both a lot about English Farming methods, so this trip will give us both an insight on how the Ghanaians farm and their methods of working. The second week will be in an orphanage where we will be on hand to help all the orphans with their day to day activities and daily needs, which will be an experience on its own!. This trip is costing us both around £2000 each plus expenses for vaccinations and equipment. We are both contributing a significant amount for this trip out of our own money as well as organising a few fundraises. So far we have held a Beatle Drive and have lots of other fund raising ideas up our sleeves, which include a stand in the Staffordshire YFC marquee during the County Show in May. Your support is greatly appreciated as every penny counts! So if you have any spare change or a few odd jobs that need doing we will gladly help you out by working our way to our final total! This is a trip of a lifetime and we look forward to coming back from it with lots to tell you about what we’ve learnt and what we have seen on a trip! Hope you can help us out!

Many Thanks

Amy and Lydia

If you wish to contact us or detail are below and we will gladly have a chat!