Dunoon is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing this year.

Group_Hot-Spots_Starburst_WIn 1974 the British family based business began in Dunoon, Scotland, producing quality stoneware mugs with rustic glazes. In 1982 they created another factory in Stone, producing high quality fine bone china mugs and this has now become Dunoon’s home.

Dunoon is committed to producing mugs of the highest quality and design and their
extensive 2014 collection contains distinctive shapes and over 1000 designs created
by their talented in-house team and a wide portfolio of freelance artists, many of
whom have been associated with Dunoon for 30 years. Such varied talent keeps
Dunoon ‘on trend’, in demand and very collectable.

Their innovative mug shapes in all sizes are named, interestingly, after places in the
British Isles such as Suffolk and Glencoe and the designs range from elegant classics
to contemporary themes, from detailed illustrations of flora and fauna to brightly
coloured spots and swirls.

Dunoon also offers a custom printed service.

Specialist skills are used in the printing of the designs giving rich colours not often
seen in ceramics. Metallic gold is added to some designs making them even more

Lomond_Hot-Spots_Starburst_The mugs are made by highly skilled craftspeople using the traditional ‘slip casting’
method and are handled many times in the manufacturing process. The clay is from
Cornwall and is mixed with bone ash to give the mugs their renowned strength and
their distinctive bright white translucency. The mugs are thin, ne to touch, light to
hold, and a pleasure to use yet still practical for everyday usage. Many people claim
that drinks ‘taste so much nicer in a Dunoon mug’.

Dunoon’s popularity has grown phenomenally over the 40 years.
Their mugs can be found in major department stores and independent retailers in
Britain and in over 60 countries worldwide. Available also from Dunoon’s two factory
shops, in Dunoon, Scotland and in the High Street in Stone. Teapots, cups and
saucers also complement some of the best selling designs and all items can be
boxed to make that perfect gift.

So congratulations Dunoon and may you continue to create more beautiful
mugs using the traditional British methods that make your company unique.