Swynnerton gets the shock treatment

Ready for the shock treatment: Swynnerton WI members Audrey Prew and Linda Mottram with John Mottram and Eccleshall First Responder Martin Watson

Swynnerton’s new public access defibrillator is now in place on an outside wall of the Fitzherbert Arms (on the main road through the village, beside the telephone box).

Purchased through a scheme run by the British Heart Foundation, £550 of its £950 cost was fundraised by Swynnerton WI.  Thanks also go to pub owner Lord Stafford who gave permission for it to be located at the ‘Fitz’ and to Pegasus Electrical, who installed it for free.

On March 27th, Swynnerton residents joined WI members for a HeartStart training session by Eccleshall First Responders. “It gives you the confidence to help save a life,” WI Linda Mottram said.

If you think you need to use a defibrillator, phone 999 and give the operator the number on the outside of the locked yellow box the defibrillator is stored in. (If you are not near a defibrillator when making the call, the operator will tell you where the nearest one is located.)

The operator will then give you the keypad code to open the yellow box so you can take the defibrillator to the casualty.  Once the lid is opened, you will see illuminated diagrams and hear voice prompts telling you what to do until emergency help arrives. You just have to press a button saying whether the casualty is an adult or a child.

“It tells you to remove the casualty’s upper body clothing, where to place the two pads, when to give the shock(s) and when it is safe for you to touch the patient again,”

Responder Martin Watson explained.

“Defibrillators are designed to be used by people with no medical experience.”

Eccleshall First Responders will also monitor the defibrillator’s battery level and replace the pads after each use.