News from Seighford Lakes – Week Ending 13/05/2014

John Jarrett Broberg with a 5lb Rainbow. Caught on the evening rise.
John Jarrett Broberg with a 5lb Rainbow. Caught on the evening rise.

This is what its all about. Young John Jarrett Broberg with a cracking 5lb’er, caught on the evening rise. Jay jay and his dad took full advantage of the evening ticket we have to offer at Seighford Lakes . Landing several cracking fish like the one pictured all on small dries, Olive Culls and Grey Culls being the most productive.

Don’t forget, when most day ticket waters get you off at 7pm…..Here we let you carry on till that last bit of day light is left…*Prime Time*

Top rod this week goes to  Andy Smith landing 21 fish off the Railway Pool on a variety of flies. From Dries to Blobs, Andy couldn’t go wrong, keeping his flies high up in the water kept the fish coming.

The Game Angling Consultancy owner Tony Spacey and friend Mick Chater paid us a visit during the week. Both landed fish through out the day, but finding the morning slightly quieter. They caught 13 fish between them on a variety of flies from Large Lures to small Hoppers and Cull’s.

The Lakes were slightly quieter over  the weekend, i’m guessing due to the extremely rubbish weather that we have been having these past few days. High winds and torrential rain is all we have had. The hardened anglers have stuck at it though and been rewarded with some great fish.

Derek Howard gave us a visit Saturday along with his fishing mate Dave Shore, both anglers had a blinding day between them landing 12 fish a piece. Fish were mainly all caught on small CDC’s. All fish were caught out of the Railway Pool as the Swan Neck Pool has been pretty much un fishable to right handed anglers due to the wind.
Chris Ector had another good session on Saturday landing 11 fish through out the afternoon. All fish were caught on small Mops and Buzzers.

By Phil Dixon