Pelham Puppets are back – alive and kicking in Stone

Pelham-Puppets--copyIn the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s television made stars of so many puppets, from Muffin the Mule and Bill and Ben, to Lady Penelope and Parker, along with the glove puppets of Sooty and Sweep – televison was carrying on a tradition that went back to the mists of time.

And it was in the 1960s, that Pelham Puppets became internationally famous as leading puppet manufacturers within the British Toy Industry and as their slogan read, the puppets were “loved by children all over the world.” For over 35 years Pelham Puppets were produced from their factory in Wiltshire and in Stone, Purton’s Toy shop were the sole stockists of these iconic toys right up until they closed in the early 1990s.

Now Pelham Puppets are back in Stone again – just a stone’s throw away from where Purton’s original Toy & Cycle shop stood –  thanks to Tylman of Stone on Granville Square, and the present day owner and producer of Pelham Puppets, David Leech.

Claire Tylman told the Gazette

“It is wonderful to be able to include the new Pelham Puppets with our range of toys and gifts,  especially since they have such a strong local connection now and Pelham Puppets is a brand that is still held in high regard by many in the Toy Trade.”

“While puppets might hark back to a bygone era of entertainment,”

explained David,

“Interest in the puppets is increasing all the time and, as one major player within the Toy Trade recently said, ‘Underestimating the power of puppets  would be a mistake. Of course, today children love cartoons and computer games but those in the know recognise the incredible value a puppet gives. Parents (and grandparents,) and teachers understand the true value of a puppet by  watching a child play with it and realising how it provides learning and enjoyment in ways that technological toys could never rival.”

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