Staffordshire Venture take on Zumba

IMG_1875A local service working with adults with learning disabilities have taken on Zumba with incredible results.

For the last couple of months the users of the services provided by Staffordshire Venture have been taking part in weekly Zumba classes taught by Kate Beauchamp of Groove Academy in Stone. The classes were established to encourage more physical activity by the participants of Venture but the results have been so much more than expected.

The students have blossomed in confidence as they sing and dance along to the Zumba tracks. They have a very good memory for the moves and are expressing themselves through the dance.

Kate said

‘Each student has their favourite track and this week Grace heard the introduction to a song, came to the front and performed the routine as the instructor would mirroring the class. Incredible!’

Mel Jasper from Staffordshire Venture added… 

‘Kate has really given the Zumba students confidence which is reflecting in other areas of their lives. They have learnt to work as a team whilst having fun and making new friends’

Staffordshire Venture has been established to support adults with learning disabilities by offering a variety of activities to help develop life skills and build independence. Activities include music sessions, multi sport, performing arts, animal care at a local farm, art and craft and horticulture with Newcastle Council Services.

The service is based at Stone Youth Club by the railway station and meets Monday to Thursday. Contact details, Staffordshire Venture – 07790 864474  Kate Beauchamp 0798 441 9653 –