An Insanely Mad Hatters Tea Party

Cup of tea?  The staff from Regent Travel
Cup of tea? The staff from Regent Travel

Stone High Street was awash with bright colours and high expectations on June 12th.  The World Cup was starting, the Crown and Anchor’s Outdoor area was already filling for the opening match and just round the corner, there appeared to be a group of demented cartoon characters serving tea and cakes … and running a travel agency. Stone can always be trusted to keep its shoppers entertained and that’s exactly what Regent Travel had in mind.

So let’s forget our short stay in Brazil and remember June 12th for all the right reasons.

Setting their ‘pop up” tea party in the High Street outside their shop, all the staff joined in as Alice in Wonderland characters … and the Mad Hatter whose party this was? David, of course.

The whole day was a roaring success on what was a gloriously sunny day. And as for the reason for this apparent madness, Regent Travel were raising much needed funds for Macmillan Nurses and in total the day added a welcome £900 to the pot.