Festival goers urged to wise up to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

An online poll of 2,000 people carried out by OnePoll on behalf of the Gas Safety Trust found that despite a sustained campaign over the last few years, almost half of those questioned (49%), who had been to a festival in the last six months (49%), said that they would use a barbecue inside their tent.

The poll also found that as many as 61% of the same festival goers thought it safe to do the same with a gas cooker and that 52% of them would use a cooking appliance to heat the tent. It was also discovered that four out of five campers fail to take a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm with them whilst over one third of campers overall would use a gas cooker inside the tent.

CO is a highly dangerous toxic gas that can kill. It is produced by any fossil fuel (e.g. gas, coal, oil, wood, charcoal) that burns incompletely. It has no smell, taste or colour
Commenting on the polls’ findings, Chris Bielby, Chair of the Gas Safety Trust said:

“It is very important that festival goers are aware of the serious health risks from taking barbecues or camping stoves into tents. Over recent years we have seen an emerging trend of injury and fatalities from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by barbecues and camping equipment.
The Gas Safety Trust urges anyone going camping to take an audible carbon monoxide alarm with them and to make sure they cook in an open well ventilated area. It is important to remember that even a cold to the touch barbecue can be a source of carbon monoxide and should be kept out of your tent or caravan.
Being carbon monoxide aware will keep you safe from the silent killer”.