Fishing news from Seighford Lakes

Scott Kennedy (London) Rainbow Trout caught from Swan Neck Pool

Week Ending 24/06/2014 By Phil Dixon

Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing has slowed up slightly now, with the fish shoaling up in 3 main areas over two pools. Dennis Anslow took 4 fish Saturday using a floating line and a Egg fly fished very slowly back. Flies fished very slowly or static are the way forward at the moment. Fish are still rising on an evening, even during the day if we get some cloud cover. As always this time of year we suffer with weed in the lakes reducing the bank fishing down to around 10 places. I will be giving discounted tickets from today.

1 Fish ticket usually £17.50 – Now £10
2 Fish ticket usually £22.50 – Now £15
4 Fish ticket usually £30.00 – Now £20

Junior (under 16) Just £5

These prices will stay in place till around September, when hopefully the temperatures cool down. Only then will me and Phil get the weed cut and stock some fresh Trout.

 Keely Bailey(Stafford) 12lb 10oz Carp, Caught from Old Pool
Keely Bailey(Stafford) 12lb 10oz Carp, Caught from Old Pool

Coarse Fishing

Keely Bailey (Stafford) does it again. Breaking her old PB by 5oz. Here she is with a superb looking Mirror Carp caught out o

f the Old Pool (Peg 21). Tipping the scales round to 12lb 10oz she seems to be a natural angler not just at catching fish, but also holding them for pictures. Another great photo. The fish was caught using Mainline Hybrid Wafters fished over a bed of Hybrid 15mm Boilies which were whole and crushed. Top angling Keely!!!

Alex Long (Stafford) 15lb 8oz Carp, Caught from Old Pool

Alex Long (Stafford) had some great sport off the Old Pool this week, landing a total of 10 fish in just a short evening session. The 15 Year Old Stafford based angler took the fish using 14mm boilies. His best fish this week was 15lb 8oz all caught from peg 9.
There are still places available for night fishing this week on there. Please call me before turning up though on 07933 512 401. £16 for 24 hours.

**There is a match on the Maze Pool this Wednesday meaning it will be closed til around 5pm. There is also a match on Sunday 29th again, the pool will be closed til around 5pm**
Have a great week everyone. Tight Lines.