Going the extra 100’s of miles for Mind


Ecclian Helen Stokes likes keeping fit in the great outdoors but after deciding to raise money for a charity to cycle in the London Prudential Health 100 mile cycle, she decided that wasn’t enough.  So in a moment of madness she decided to combine a few more challenges along the way!

The events include a 50 mile ultra marathon (yes in one go), Ironbridge Half Marathon (yes including hills, lots of them), 80 Mile cycle in Yorkshire along the Tour de France route (which turned out to be extremely cold and wet) and help to indoor row the length of the River Severn (Britain’s longest river) a 24 hour row with the rest of her rowing club based in Ironbridge.  Still to go is the Prudential 100 mile cycle and the famous Great North Run.

The charity Helen chose was Mind, a mental health charity, who do a fantastic job at supporting those people who are affected by mental health issues, a subject which is close to Helen’s heart and is not taken seriously enough so she wanted to do her bit.

If you would like to take a closer look at Helen’s Just Giving page go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/thestoker5