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Staffordshire BIC supports local innovation with free event

On June 12, the Staffordshire Business Innovation Centre (BIC) will host an event to support businesses embarking on new product development adventures. The half day event, named Will Your Idea Work? will be held at the Sutherland Institute in Stoke-on-Trent from 2pm until 5pm. Will Your Idea Work? offers practical advice on how to take an idea from the ‘concept’ to the ‘prototype’ stage and beyond.

The event will include keynote speeches from two local entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their ideas to the market. Deb Leary, OBE, from Forensic Pathways Limited will explain the importance of innovation within a larger business, while Richard Olphin of Cabbunk Ltd will emphasise how even the smallest company, with only the seed of an idea, can easily fulfil its potential.

Patent and trademark attorneys Swindell & Pearson will be on hand to offer advice on matters of intellectual property. Representatives of Arvada Strategic Marketing and Haughton Design will provide their manufacturing and design expertise on the feasibility of new products and target markets.

The free event will finish with a tour of 3D Creation Lab’s cutting-edge 3D printing facilities on the Sutherland Institute site.

 “The event aims to reflect the creativity and strong entrepreneurship of Staffordshire,” commented Sandra Butterworth director of innovation at the Staffordshire BIC. “Our county really is a place of innovation and progressive thinking. Will your idea work? is meant to encourage people to be as creative as they can and ultimately help them turn any brilliant ideas into reality.”

At the end of the day, participants will leave the event clued up on how their innovative products can be protected, what funding is currently available and the basics of concept design and prototype development.

To register for the event, you can follow the link directly to the Staffordshire BIC website ( or register on Eventbrite here:

The event is free to attend for all and will aim to cover everything surrounding concept design and development, including funding, prototyping facilities, feasibility and marketing.