Open weekend on 15th & 16th June invites local community to find out more about Spiritualism

Family-friendly events will demonstrate all aspects of Spiritualism including mediumship, trance demonstrations and spirit art

The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) will be opening its doors and welcoming the community along for a special open weekend on the 15th and 16th June at The Arthur Findlay Centre, 96A Stone Road, Stafford. The weekend will invite local residents, old and young alike, to find out more about the all-encompassing religion, including its increasing relevance in the modern day.

Spiritualism has experienced significant growth in recent years and is now the UK’s 8th largest religion. With 340 churches in the UK, the open weekend at the Stafford church and specialist centre of learning will provide opportunity for locals to find out more. The Arthur Findlay Centre is the sister college to the world famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex and is the only other place owned by the SNU in the UK to run specialist 2-7 day courses on mediumship, healing and spirituality.

For only £5 entry, the weekend will include demonstrations of Mediumship, Trance Communication – which involves the medium allowing a communicator from the spirit world to speak directly to the audience through their physical body and voice – as well as Spirit Art, where the medium will be guided by a spirit to draw a representational image. Spiritual healing and private sittings will also be available.
The spirit artist in attendance on the day is the world-renowned Alan Stuttle. He will be joined by Eamonn Downey, an international lecturer of metaphysical subjects who has filled workshops and presentation venues in Europe and the U.S. for thirty years and also, Jackie Wright, an experienced teacher.

The day will offer great insight into the basic principles of Spiritualism for anyone who wants to learn more and will seek to demonstrate what Spiritualism means to each and every person. The £5 entry cost will be invested into improving the Arthur Findlay Centre, with a new conservatory currently being installed in order to support the ever growing number of students.

David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, said,

“We’re really excited to be welcoming newcomers to the Centre during the open weekend, and whether they are just curious to find out more about the faith or would like to learn more through enrolling on one of our courses, all are welcome. We will be sharing with visitors the true meaning of Spiritualism and highlighting how the seven main principles are ever-relevant in modern day society.
Refreshments will be provided and the gift shop will be open for any visitors wishing to purchase something to commemorate their first visit to the Centre. The day will prove a memorable and exciting day for all and the SNU welcomes anyone to come along!”