Trout Fishing and more from Seighford Lakes

Mike Wetton (Stafford) with a 22lb 4oz Mirror Carp, Caught out of the Old Pool
Mike Wetton (Stafford) with a 22lb 4oz Mirror Carp, Caught out of the Old Pool

From Phil Dixon @ Seighford Lakes –¬†Week Ending 17/06/2014
Even with the challenging conditions at the moment, Trout are continuing to be caught. Edward John Stout was on top form last week taking 6 fish out of the Top end of the Swan Neck Pool and one fish out of the Railway Pool. Majority of his fish were caught using an Olive Green Leech on a floating line with a figure of eight retrieve.

Chris and Lynda Ector gave us an un usual mid week visit. Both fishing on an evening ticket from 7pm – 10pm they had great success on small dries and Hares Ears. Lynda landed an impressive 8 fish to 6lb, whilst Chris landed 4 fish. They caught over both pools using floating lines.

Saturday saw us hold the TEFF Bank Championships which was fished over both lakes by 11 anglers. Fishing was always going to be tricky with the water crystal clear, water temperatures rising and bright sun all day, But all this said there was only 1 blank which was great.

Every angler had the same sort of set ups with a dry fly rod, a nymphing rod/Bung rod. Fish were caught straight from the off with Mike Dixon taking 2 fish on a small 18 CDC off his first peg, Steve Cullen landed 1 off his first peg but lost 2, had 3 hooks straighten and missed plenty, The fish were still feeding and it was going to be a close match.

At dinner time Andy Taylor was leading with 5 fish Mike Dixon was 2nd and Phil Dixon was 3rd both on 3 fish, it was all to play for in the afternoon and with the sky looking to cloud over maybe the fish would feed harder!! First peg after lunch Phil managed 3 fish which put him into the lead but he only managed another 1 for the other 4 pegs and i felt.

Phil ended up 2nd which with Andy Taylor winning the match. Phil’s and Andy’s best fly was a Lime green egg fished on the drop with a small black nymph on the dropper. A massive thanks to everyone who fished and will hopefully see you all soon.

1st Andy Taylor 7 fish 4 pegs 11 points
2nd Phil Dixon 6 fish 4 pegs 10 points
3rd Mike Dixon 5 fish 4 pegs 9 points
4th Steve Cullen 4 fish 4 pegs 8 points
5th Andy Griffiths 2 fish 2 pegs 4 points
6th-10th All had 1 fish
11th Blank

Trout are still coming out at the moment but fishing is hard smaller flies and lighter leader are needed to catch you fish here, Fishing tickets are still available 7 days a week but are now at a discounted price, so get up here and give it a go before it gets to HOT!!!!!

Coarse Fishing

This week coarse fishing has been on top form, with all the lakes fishing well. With the bright and warm weather, Evenings and night fishing has really come into its own. The fish have been feeding a lot more during the cooler hours of the day. James Finney from Stafford fished Sunday night for 12 hours and landed 8 fish out of the Old Pool up to 14lb 8oz.

Mike Wetton landed the best fish this week, landing this superb looking 22lb 4oz Mirror Carp out of the Old Pool on peg 8. Mike tempted this great looking fish using a single 14mm Pop up boilie. This was just one of 6 fish Mike landed on his first trip to Seighford Lakes.

The Horseshoe pool has continued to fish well this week with Carp and Bream coming out all the while. Pellet and Paste have been the most productive baits, with all pegs fishing equally well.

If interested in doing a night session, please book in before turning up as there is only limited space and the fishing is in high demand at the moment. Call Jay on 07933512401.