Team Alleynes have a formula!

Team-AlleynesHundreds of spectators were waiting under the blistering sun on Wednesday 9th July, at Darley Moor, for the race event to begin. It was to be the biggest kit car event of the year with students from all over the Staffordshire County wanting  to take part, fighting to secure a place, and ultimately the chance to drive their kit cars around the track,  in the KMF National Engineering Competition

Team Alleyne’s  were  in the hot seat and consisted of a group of ten of the most dedicated year 10 students, supported by two year 12 engineers as back up.

Craig Bailey, Head of Alleyne’s Technology faculty and Iain Whitaker of MGS Precision were encouraging their team to be the best they could  as the tension mounted – the team would not have been at this event had it not been for the sponsorship and support of MGS Precision, and Team Alleyne’s were certainly ready to show how grateful they were.

And then the off! The cars built up speed as they soared around the track; young students experiencing their first ever race track. Crowds of students were screaming for their team to win. It was to be the closest and most breath taking finish with virtually seconds between the first six cars over the finishing line. Team Alleyne’s sped over the line, securing sixth place.

Team Alleyne’s want the local community to be a part of next year’s event; Team Alleyne’s invite you to contact them to discuss how you can be a part of their success in the next exciting kit car event which they are determined to win! Local businesses can make this happen and at the same time, promote their own brand as a sponsor.