Too Many Hot Dogs This Summer? Try Cooking Something Else!


Yes we know….another Summer and yet another ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’ campaign!

Wouldn’t it be great if dog owners had finally got the message about the cruelty and dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car? Having seen 5 dogs left in hot cars in the past 2 days alone, The Dog Express Team know that alas, we are not there yet!

Which is where The Dog Express ‘Hot Dog’ Sticker Campaign enters, with an aim of being the largest, most talked about canine campaign ever! Within just 24 hours of being posted on Facebook, the campaign post had received over 5,000 likes & shares!

Animal welfare charities do an amazing job of raising awareness of this issue, but once dog owners are out of the house and away from their TV’s or computer screens, the dangers and effects seem to elude them! The ‘Hot Dog’ Campaign Car Sticker will make them remember when it matters most.

Every year, the RSPCA are inundated with calls, call-outs and court cases relating to dogs left in hot cars and The Dog Express wants to show its appreciation and respect for
their tireless efforts by donating 50% of all ‘Hot Dog’ Sticker profits to the RSPCA charity.
Put a fur coat on a human, sit them in a car directly in the sun when it is +70°F outside and wait to see the results! No, this is not a new reality TV show pitch – this is the reality for thousands of dogs every year in the UK alone!

One of the stickers on show in a car window
One of the stickers on show in a car window

Being reminded of the distress and physical effects caused to a dog who is left in a hot car, has to happen in the instant that a dog owner is about to get out of their car. The Dog Express ‘Hot Dog’ Stickers do just this; acting as a champion of dogs when they need it most.

Speaking about the ‘Hot Dog’ Campaign, The Dog Express Editor Samantha Harrison said,

“We wanted to find a way of being there every time a dog owner leaves their dog in a hot car, so that we can remind them of the dangers. In a street or car park you are never far from another car, so we created the ‘Hot Dog’ Car Window Stickers as a way of making people think twice whenever they see one. Of course, we are relying heavily on the UK public being a ‘nation of dog lovers’ get behind the campaign!”

STICKER PRINTING & COSTS – This is not a retail or profit venture for The Dog Express – it is about saving lives and stopping suffering. If we could personally fund printing and sending of 25,000,000 ‘Hot Dog’ car stickers to every household in the UK ourselves, we would gladly do this!

We have opted to use white ink printing for the clear stickers, which doubles the
printing price – however semi-transparent lettering would not be clearly visible
through a car window, completely negating the purpose of the message. We are
passing on less than 60% of postage charges and most importantly, we are
donating a minimum of 50% of the profits from each sticker to the RSPCA. Setting aside the address labels, ink, envelopes and sheer volume of time involved in getting this campaign off the ground and sustaining it, there really is no such thing as a profit in this campaign – which is fine with us, because our payment will be never having to see another dog sitting alone in a hot car, suffering and distressed!

For more information on the ‘Hot Dog’ Campaign or to buy a sticker, visit or email