Fishing – Scierra Pairs

Coming in 3rd place – Mark Haycock & John Mees

Grafham Water Fishing Lodge had been fishing hard due to a brown algae bloom, The key for this match would be to find the cleaner water where the fish would be feeding and also be able to see the anglers flies.

Heat winners Mick McClintic & Carl Malpass
Heat winners Mick McClintic & Carl Malpass

Personal I wasn’t expecting any limits so when I saw a Mick McClintic and Carl Malpass return to the dock at 1:25 I thought there was a problem (sorry lads) but they had landed their 16 fish limit. The tatics for the pair was pulling Di5’s with a blob on the top, Hares Ear middle and a Pink Booby on the point. Mick and Carl caught the fish drifting onto the Dam Wall next to the Tower.

No other limits were landed but plenty of fish were caught and the weigh in was going to be close with 3 teams on 12 fish and 1 on 14. Pete Hartley and Chris McCleod would claim 2nd place landing 14 fish also down along the Dam Wall and into Gaynes Cove, The pair were fishing higher in the water pulling on Intermediates.

There was a few tense faces at the results with only 1 place left and 3 teams on 12 fish no one knew who would be getting the last place… Mark Haycock and John Mees would take the final qualifying spot tipping the scales to 25lb 3ozs 1lb more than the 4th place pair, it was close and a great match.

In 2nd place – Peter Hartley & Chris McCleod 

I would like to personal thank EVERY PAIR that has supported the ScierraPairs this year, Without you the anglers there would be no competition. Also a MASSIVE thankyou to ALL this years sponsors Scierra Polska, Flash Attack Flies by Wychwood tackle consultant Craig Barr, Golden Grove Fishery,Premier Trophies, @Dave Downie, “Dohiku .s.r.o” and all the fisheries for holding heats.


Cant wait for the final and don’t forget to book your practice boat as they will be only held for another week. Also could anyone that hasn’t paid yet please send myself the cheque..

By Phil Dixon (Seighford Lakes)