Mallory steps into hot seat

Mallory-Howells-copyMallory Howells, 16, from Aston Lane, Stone, took on the job of arranging this year’s Young Mensans Future Paths conference at Cambridge University.

The annual event aims to give young members a taste of life at an Oxbridge college and the chance to listen to inspiring and motivational speakers.

The conference, at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, turned out to be on the hottest day of the year – which provided its own challenges when the technology went into meltdown, leaving the speakers unable to use their PowerPoint presentations.

Mallory said:

“I really enjoyed organising such a rewarding event – it was a great experience and has taught me some valuable lessons in organisation and improvisation. Though we had a few minor mishaps, such as the projector deciding to die at lunch time, myself and several helpers managed to find ways around everything thank goodness. I hope everyone who attended found it as interesting and informative as I did.”

She added:

“When I attended the first of these conferences in 2012, I could never have imagined I would end up organising it myself just two years later. I was amazed at some of the things I heard, and it really inspired me to think about what I wanted for my future; both university and job wise. In addition I met some phenomenal people and it indirectly led to some incredible experiences.”