Council plug bathroom recycling


A make-shift bathroom makes a return to Stafford town centre this week as part of a drive to increase household recycling to 60%.

The borough already recycles around 54% from homes across the area but the local authority is keen to increase that figure – a move that council bosses say will help the environment as well as keep council tax down.

The council is rolling out a series of initiatives throughout the year to make the public more aware of what can be put in the household blue recycling bin – especially products that can be found in the bathroom. One of the initiatives gives residents the chance to win £60 – as long as they don’t have any recyclable materials in their green rubbish bin.

The bathroom suite has already been to Stone and will be turning up in other areas of the borough over the next 12 months to highlight the drive towards the new 60% recycling target.

Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, praised borough residents for helping increase recycling over the last few years.

But he said:

“We are asking people to do more. A lot of the stuff residents throw in the green refuse waste bin can actually be recycled – especially many products which people have in their bathrooms. And this is a message we are keen to get across which will help towards hitting the 60% recycling target we have set ourselves.

We all know that recycling is good for the environment but what many do not know is that it is also good financially. The council is given money for the amount we recycle and this cash is pumped back in to the service. And the more money coming back to the service, means less money needed to run it – so ultimately recycling is helping to keep council tax down.”