Moddershall school reunion seeks former pupils

Gazette reader Marjorie Pugh is hoping to find as many people as possible who attended Moddershall school from the early ’40’s onwards as they are holding a reunion at “The Boar Inn” at Moddershall, ST15 8TG on Saturday, 8th November from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

If you recognize anyone or can fill in any of the missing names please let them know and ask them to ‘phone Marjorie Pugh (née Boulton) on 01925 762790.



left to right:-

Back row:- John Guilford, Cecil Latham, Josie Bunn, Ken Houldcroft, Doreen Myatt, Cyril Warrilow, Kathleen Baskeyfield, Sydney Moss, Tom Tomkinson.

Middle row:- Barbara Boulton, Clifford Clay, Margaret Baskeyfield, Ronnie Guilford, Edith Brain, Margaret Eyre, Tom Land, Barbara Hughes, Joan Boulton.

Front row:- Alan Warrilow, Gwennie Moss, John Hughes, Christine Eyre, Pam Brain, Marjorie Boulton, Graham Bunn, Tom Myatt.



left to right:-

Back row:- Mrs Griffin, John Gilbert, Maurice Bunn, Sam Latham, Pam Palmer, Pat Metcalfe, ? , Josie Bunn, Doreen Myatt, Sylvia Moss, Grace Brain, Ursula Hart, Ken Houldcroft, Cyril Warrilow, Tom Tomkinson, Elaine Baskeyfield, Sydney Moss, Margaret Guilford, Betty Tomkinson, Barbara Wynne Edwards ?, Mrs Harvey, Cecil Latham.

Front row:- Lesley Bunn, John Guilford, Clifford Clay, Marjorie Boulton, Margaret Eyre, Joan Boulton, Stuart Tompston, Sheila Gibbons, Edith Brain, Barbara Hughes, Gwennie Moss, Kathleen Baskeyfield, Ronnie Guilford, John Hughes, Christine Eyre, Pam Brain, Alan Warrilow, Malcolm Bunn, Barbara Boulton, Barbara Tomkinson, Margaret Baskeyfield, Graham Bunn, Tommy Myatt, ? , Mary Boulton, Chris Boulton.