Narrow Boat by L.T.C. Rolt

Narrow Boat by L.T.C. Rolt

Take a trip down the waterways of England during their glorious heyday

First published in 1944, and now reissued over sixty years on, this fully illustrated book has become a classic on its subject, and is said to have started a revival of interest in the English waterways. It was on a spring day in 1939 that L.T.C. Rolt first stepped aboard Cressy. He tells the story of how he and his wife adapted and fitted out the boat for their home and recreates the journey of some 400 miles that they made along the network of waterways in the Midlands. Recalling the boatmen and their craft and celebrating the seemingly timeless nature of the English countryside in those times through which they passed. As Sir Compton Mackenzie wrote, ‘it is an elegy of classic restraint, unmarred by any trace of sentiment’ for a way of life and a rural landscape which have now all but disappeared.

• Includes a new foreword by Canal Laureat Jo Bell, to reflect the 70th anniversary of this ever-popular book

• Rolt was a renowned expert on canals and founder of the Inland Waterways Association • With a beautiful set of new linocut illustrations by canal artist Eric Gaskell and 20 new photo-graphs from the Rolt family archives

• Guides the reader from the Grand Union to Lichfield and the Coventry Canal

• The perfect book for all those wanting to remember a bygone era of canal life

L.T.C. Rolt trained as an engineer, but his fame rests on his classic biographies of Brunel, Telford, Tre-vithick and the Stephensons, his superb volumes of autobiography (Landscape with Machines, Land-scape with Canals. Landscape with Figures), his volumes of transport history, and Red for Danger, an account of railway disasters of Britain.

He founded the Inland Waterways Association and was instrumental in encouraging interest in Britain’s industrial heritage at Tal-y-llyn and elsewhere. He died in 1975.

His widow, Sonia Rolt, lives in Gloucestershire and continues to promote his work.

Released now, priced at £14.99 Paperback ISBN: 978-0-7509-6061-8