Stone artist to exhibit on Britain’s biggest cruise ship

Paul Bishop
Paul Bishop

Works by Stone-based artist Paul Bishop have been chosen by P&O Cruises to be part of Britain’s largest floating art collection on its ship Britannia, which launches in March next year.

Paul has produced four plate displays for the Oriental Restaurant – some of the 8,000 pieces of art to be displayed on Britannia showcasing a diverse range of styles and disciplines.

The multi-million pound collection represents a new approach by P&O Cruises to Britannia’s artworks, with pieces chosen to complement and enhance the ship’s designs to give the feel of a luxury hotel.

Art consultant Tom Tempest-Radford, who has compiled the collection in conjunction with Britannia’s designers, Richmond International, has focused on a variety of textures, surfaces and fine detail to complement Britannia’s interiors and create sophisticated, yet comfortable, surroundings.

He added:

“Britannia is going to be very different to other P&O Cruises ships and I feel it could set a whole new standard. The richness of artistic materials is amazing and there is a huge variety of really crafted materials that create an incredible depth of flavour.”

140902-120508_1-Paul_BishopPaul, who is known for his work with English ceramics, said:

“I have designed four large panels that will be displayed in two pairs, comprising a number of decorated ceramic plates. The first depicts an array of butterflies in a multitude of sizes, each delicate and colourful and conveying a sense of movement and life.

The second features a quintessentially oriental ‘cloud tree’, a meticulously manicured, highly decorative and often highly prized feature of oriental gardens and landscapes.

The core theme of the installation is centred on the shape and form of an oriental fan, which represents movement, grace and beauty – all qualities which are core to both Britannia and the Oriental Restaurant.”