Pubs needed to host charity firewalk!

Batman-firewalkCaudwell Children, the Staffordshire based national charity that provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families, is looking for suitable Public Houses to host fundraising firewalks that will, they say, boost the business revenue of each pub.

The charity claims that hostelries who take on such an event will reinvigorate their locals, attract new punters, and increase their wet and dry sales in what, they say, are ‘tough times’ for landlords.

Kirsten Greaves, Challenge Events Coordinator for Caudwell Children, believes that landlords have nothing to lose in trying something new. She said:

“Sometimes you have to think outside the box to boost sales.  Whilst a firewalk may not be something that many landlords have considered, the more they look at this alternative, the more it makes sense.”

And with little or no financial commitment needed from participating pubs it’s easy to see why those who have hosted a charity firewalk have been so pleased with the results, claims Kirsten. As she explained: “As long as the pub has an outdoor space for the firewalk, and a room to hold an introductory seminar in, prior to the walk itself, you’re pretty much sorted.

“All landlords have to do is ensure that a minimum of 15 regulars, or their friends or acquaintances, agree to participate. It’s important for staff get involved as they will also pull walkers in. Our professional firewalk event organisers will get in touch, with each pub, to provide handy tips on how to get as many people as possible into the venue to watch the event.”

Kirsten claims that previous events show that each walker brings on average 6 people to watch them. As she explained:

“Multiply this by the number of participants and it’s easy to see why it’s such a simple way to boost revenue. Every one of those people will, more than likely, spend money over the bar.”

By promoting the event it’s quite easy to make a good night into a great night, says Kirsten:

“Pubs need to invest a little time in ensuring that posters go beyond their venue. Putting them up in local businesses, shops, and leisure outlets will help to get the community involved. The more people participate and attend, the more money that will be raised for charity and spent on sales. It’s that simple!”

Caudwell Children is also urging interested individuals to get their local pub involved in the scheme. If they can convince them to take part they will not only be helping to boost the local business economy, they will also be helping Caudwell Children to provide treatments, therapies and equipment to even more disabled children across the UK.
To find out more about organising a Caudwell Children fundraising firewalk call Kirsten Greaves on 01782 60435 or email