The Moddershall Valley is under threat again

The rural setting in the Moddershall Valley showing where the the proposed development will be located, this photpgraph was taken in 2013.

The Public Inquiry into Seddon Homes plan to build 34 properties on the field adjacent to the Moddershall Valley Conservation area has been put on hold for a few weeks – basically the Inquiry ran out of time whilst Seddon Homes was justifying it’s case to the Planning Inspector appointed by the Government.

The Inquiry is expected to reconvene on Monday 3rd November for Seddon Homes to complete their case and be further examined by two legal Counsels, one representing Stafford Borough Council and one representing local residents’ interests. It will then further reconvene, on Monday 8th December for final submissions by the legal teams.

Local resident, John Sayer, remarked that public interest in this Inquiry was extensive, the public gallery was packed throughout the four days that the Inquiry has so far sat, and he hoped that the public would continue to demonstrate their concerns by returning to Stafford Borough Council’s offices in November and December for the closing stages. Both sessions are expected to commence at 1.00 pm and run for perhaps 3 hours.

During the Inquiry local Councillors, including Joyce Farnham, Philip Leason and Geoff Collier have expressed their concerns that the development is in an inappropriate location – and the local MP, Sir William Cash, has also spoken against the plans. Extensive technical planning concerns have been expressed by the teams representing the Council and the residents.

Meanwhile the proposal to build houses at Oulton Croft, near to this planned development, has been rejected by another Planning Inspector.