Seeing is believing

85_2-copyJust when you thought televisions just couldn’t possibly get any bigger – certainly those for domestic use – Hylands are now stocking these 85” behemoths in their Hanley showrooms. This particular model is a Panansonic (with a 32” set besides for comparison) and is selling for an eyewatering £12,000 … which believe it or not is less than 20% of what they cost on launch, and 60% cheaper than other named brands for the same sized screen.

Stuck what to buy the man who has everything – may we humbly suggest this must be a real contender. Will they get any bigger? There’s no reason why not, other than the size of people’s rooms.

With 3D not really taking off as the industry had hoped, the programme makers are producing their mega series in 4K UltraHD and using every LED on the the screen for a true cinema at home experience and with a screen like this, let’s face it, it’s just about as good as it gets in the front row!