Stone Advent Windows 2014 Opening Dates

Advent-WindowsPeace’ is the word for windows

Stone Advent Windows 2014 will commemorate the centenary of the WW1 Christmas Truce.

During the first Christmas of the war, something unique happened in some parts of the Western Front, when British and German troops agreed to temporarily put down their weapons.

The British High Command disapproved of this truce and warned the soldiers not to go ahead with it. They even suggested that the Germans were planning an attack on Christmas Eve. However, the troops ignored them and on Christmas Day 1914, no guns were fired.

On Christmas Eve, soldiers from both sides met in no man’s land. They sang Christmas carols, like ‘Silent Night’ (‘Stille Nacht’ in German). There was even a burial service for dead soldiers where the bodies of German and British soldiers were buried next to each other.

Men from both sides gave gifts to each other, mostly food. The Germans gave sausages to the British and the British gave the Germans chocolates.

On Christmas Day, a football match was played between German and British troops on the Western Front. This was started by a British soldier kicking a football out of his trench. The Germans then joined in. It was reported that Germany won the match 3-2!

At midnight, in one part of the trenches, a flare was lit to tell soldiers it was time for them to return to fighting. But in other parts of the Western Front, the truce went on until New Year.

“Through window displays using pictures, creative models etc we would like to bring the Bible Story and that message of Peace and Goodwill to Stone,” said organiser Helen Bowes from Christ Church, Stone. “Christmas is the time when God sent his son into the world as a promise of peace and hope for us all.  The nativity, the stable, angels, the shepherds and the Wise Men – this message of Hope and Peace came to, and for, everyone.”

“To acknowledge the 1914 Christmas truce, it is hoped that each advent window will feature a small poppy and the words  ‘Peace and Goodwill to ALL people’.  Each morning from 1st to 24th December, the Advent windows will open at 11.00am. “We hope a good crowd will turn out every day to sing the featured carol,” said Helen.


Windows opening dates

1st –  Monday Birchill and Watson

2nd  – Tuesday – Dunoon

3th – Wednesday – The Dezign Room

4th – Thursday – Crazy Daisies

Window created by Oak Tree Farm

5th Friday – Katharine House (Clothes)

Window created by Manor Hillbillies

6th – Saturday – Cancer Research

Window created by the Brownies

7th – Sunday – Costa Coffee

Window created by Women’s Institute

8th – Monday – Mayfairs Dry Cleaners

Window created by Oulton 1st School

9th – Tuesday – Hair & Beauty Salon

Window created by St Dominics Priory

10th – Wednesday -Lock-keepers Salon

Window created by St Dominics Primary

11th – Thursday – Shear Genius

Window created by Christ Church Academy

12th – Friday – Zeta

Window created by St Michael’s School

13th Saturday – Stone Library

Window created by Walton Priory School

14th – Sunday – The Swan

Window created by Oulton Church

15th – Monday – Chantilly

16th – Tuesday – All Seasons

Window created by Christchurch 1st School

17th – Wednesday – Follwells

Window created by Oulton Abbey Playgroup

18th – Thursday – John Burtons Solicitor

Window created by Pirehill 1st School

19th – Friday – Home and Colour

Window created by Alleynes

20th – Saturday – The Blue Room

Window created by Smarty’s Nursery

21st – Sunday – The Mill

Window created by Meaford Day Nursery

22nd – Monday – Nusyte Opticians

Window created by Trinity Skills for Life

23rd – Tuesday – The Royal Exchange

Window created by Mumbles Day Nursery

24th – Wednesday – Christ Church