Stone Youth Centre – An update, by Les Trigg, Town Clerk, Stone Town Council

529459_211078352393871_892014312_nArticles have appeared last week on the Staffordshire Newsletter Website and in the Sentinel referring to Stone Town Council’s position with regard to the Stone Youth Centre. The articles contained factual inaccuracies. The correct position is set out below.

The issue of the future of the Centre has been raised a number of times within Town Council meetings, and the Town Clerk has had some discussions with County Council staff, but the Town Council has been unable to make any progress to date due to the lack of availability of information from the County Council prior to the conclusion of their internal staff consultation process.

The Town Council was informed on 29 October 2014 that the County Council would be undertaking a form of tendering process for the future operation of the centre. If the Town Council wished to receive the documentation which would allow it to consider an application to run the Centre it needed to register its interest by 31 October 2014. This was done by the Town Clerk on behalf of the Council and the documentation has now been received.

At the earliest opportunity, an item will be presented to the Town Council’s General Purposes Committee to set out the current position, and ask the Council whether it wishes to prepare an application to operate the Centre.

Les Trigg

Town Clerk Stone Town Council