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Barlaston Community Group

The purpose of the group is:  ‘To foster community spirit by participating in activities that enhance the environment and encourage neighbourliness within the village of Barlaston’ and our aim is to encourage all residents to look out for their neighbours, engage with local events and to keep the environment tidy and litter-free, making the village of Barlaston an even better place to live in and enjoy!

We are asking any like-minded residents to come forward with ideas for physical improvements to the village – help with litter picks, get to know our neighbours a little better and hopefully make new friends as well.  We will also be looking at more ways to bring people together including a ‘Pop-up’ restaurant at the Village Hall and using the venue to show the latest films, benefiting those of us unable to make the journey into town.

There will be an Open Meeting for interested residents who are willing to help, on Tuesday 17th February 2015 (Pancake Tuesday) at 7.00 pm in the Ruth Dickson room to the rear of Barlaston Village Hall.  Please come along, share your views and give us your ideas – in particular the areas you feel should be targeted this year. We anticipate the meeting will last for around 45 minutes to an hour, but feel free to come and go as you need to.

We would like to reassure any prospective volunteers that we are not looking for this to be a time-consuming and onerous commitment… However, if you are able to give up a few hours, particularly during the period March till July that would be marvellous, and for those of you with more spare time there will always be a project on the go!

In the meantime please use our contact page if you have any ideas for contributions to the website and/or our Facebook Page and I look forward to meeting some of you in person on February 17th.


This marks an exciting new start to 2015!


Patrick Linehan

Chairman of the Barlaston Community Group & Parish Councillor




Phone:             01782 373554  or 372878