Growing our Community


Throughout the year Stone in Bloom’s members give hundreds of hours of their own time absolutely free, volunteering in transforming our community and helping maintain Stone.

If Stone in Bloom members had a pound for every time someone stopped us while we were out working and said “we pay our council tax for that, why are you doing it?”we would all be extremely wealth. We often ask ourselves that exact same question, especially when we’re getting soaked or freezing to death in the freezing weather. The other familiar question asked is, “will you come and do mine next?” Wouldn’t it be great for us if every time someone stopped they said instead “I would like to become a volunteer, or would you like some help with what you’re doing?” Of course we do it because we love our town and plain and simple because we can do it! Last year we were really pleased to see the staff from our High Street branch of HSBC whose volunteers joined us painting the benches and the year before Sainsbury’s staff helped out.

Pictured is Chris Brown of Streetscene
Pictured is Chris Brown of Streetscene

The guides and the Brownies can also be added to the long list of volunteers. There’s no argument that the Stone in Bloom group embrace the enormous power of volunteers in growing and supporting our community. Most of us who live in Stone care passionately about the environment and the curriculum taught in our schools promote the belief that we can have a direct impact on our surroundings. Stone in Bloom group maintains many areas in and around Stone, one of them being the area surrounding the Canoe Club. Dog fouling and litter has been reduced there because the area looks cared for but in saying that I’m sad to say last week  a van was parked up there and the driver threw his sandwich wrapper out. I’m resigned to the fact that not everyone feels the same about their surroundings.

Funding for many projects is getting harder to come by; Stone in bloom rely on the generosity of many people. Rob Ainsworth of Mill Farm Organics has helped us in so many ways over the last few years and Peter Jones who helps us so much with the wild flower displays, without these two many projects would be impossible.

We are always on the lookout for volunteers and if you feel you’re not fit enough to join in the physical work or getting your hands dirty it may be you have other invaluable skills such as helping with our website, promotions , filling funding application forms for us or perhaps you own a trailer which we often have need of.

Stone in Bloom has a group of honorary members who have been with us for many years and no longer take an active role . One of those members was John Ferrie, he and his wife Vera were founder members of Stone in Bloom. Sadly we have to say a final goodbye to John who was a valued and respected member of Stone in Bloom. We will hold a special place in our garden for John who will be sadly missed.

If you would like to know more about volunteering call Chairman-Jill Hood Stone in Bloom 077364 13097 or email

Or Secretary Tracey Neagus 07545 780935 email

Tweet to us @stoneinblooms