Ladies’ Night at the Talbot

Waiter James – at the ladies night

The first ever Ladies Night at the Talbot  on February 6th was slow starting, but soon got into the swing of things with a basic pass the parcel.

For obvious reasons, the Gazette being a family publication, we can’t give the coverage the night fully deserves – though needless to say, it was all very harmless and jovial with a number of games best left to the imagination.

There was a raffle which took all of 40 minutes to draw – there was a truly outstanding amount of prizes to be won – and on to popping balloons to find special tickets for yet more prizes. Everyone involved had a great time.

AnnMarie White added

  “All in all the evant was a welcome night out after the bleakness of January and managed to raise £100 for Staffordshire Women’s Aid. I’d like to thank Karen Evans and Katy Rice, James Batterick, Sarah Whiteman, and Faye Tipton who all went the extra mile to mount thei stalls  … and of course big thanks to James our very handsome six pack  waiter.

We had lots of donated prizes from The Lounge, Costa, Crafty Naturally, Ann Summers, All Seasons, Crazy Daisies, Sarah Nadin, The Talbot, Meridian Therapies, Ina Podmore and myself. Our next event will be towards the end of May and the chosen charity is STING, based in Stone.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in fundraising or donations please email me at