Watch out for us Silver Surfers!
With membership at a record level—over 920 enrolled—it seems that 2015 should be a highly successful year for the local organisation which is available to all those no longer in full-time employment.
The range of activities on offer is also continuing to develop so it is the perfect moment to expand your horizons and extend your skills.


With Spring just around the corner, the new “Just Gardening” group looks like being a surefire winner. Mo Stanway will lead the way for active, green-fingered gardeners who like to get their hands dirty. Unlike the existing and very popular group, there will be no trips or outings and the focus will be on setting seeds, seedlings, swapping plants and trying to solve problems. The group will meet on the second Friday of each month at the Chairman’s Hall of Walton Community Centre from 10.30am to midday. The first session will be on March 13th and if interested, all you need to do is turn up on the day!


There seems to be a current boom in learning to play a musical instrument with the ukulele much to the fore, perhaps in part due to the cult following of the film “Marvellous” which gave the uke a prominent showcase. Producing a more melodic sound than the banjo, ukuleles are cheap to buy and relatively easy to learn. Stan Collins is hoping to set up an informal group so if this appeals do get in touch with him on 01785-761378. Both novices and experienced players will be welcome. In similar vein, Roy Ford is looking to start a Guitar group for absolute beginners and also for those who already play but would like to improve. Sessions would be held weekly for around 60-90 minutes on Wednesday afternoons commencing at 2pm. To register your interest, please phone Roy on 01782-643899


No doubt, many folk will have bought or been given a tablet for Christmas but are at something of a loss how to make the most of it. Why not sign up for a 3/4 week course to help you master the technology? Instruction will be primarily aimed at those with IPad or Samsung devices but if you have another type and want help, do still come along—U3A members only. The course runs at Hilderstone Village Hall, starting on Thursday, March 5th at 10am. For full details, contact Bob Cassidy on 01785-286012 or by email at robertpetercassidy@gmail.com


Stone U3A offers an amazingly wide array of educational, sporting, creative and social activities. For full details, visit the website www.stoneu3a.btck.co.uk or phone Chairman, Gwynyth Hart on 01782 633179