Wildlife Trust encourages people to give birds a love nest


The county’s leading nature conservation charity is appealing to everyone to give our feathered friends a hand and put up a love nest this week.

As part of National Nest Box Week (14- 21 February), Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is encouraging people to put up a nest box at home ahead of the start of the breeding season.

Scott Petrek, monitoring officer at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust said,

“With natural nesting places in decline, supplying extra homes for our wild birds is becoming more and more important. With the breeding season soon to be upon us, fixing up a nest box will not only help local bird populations, but attract them to your garden, and that’s something that can be enjoyed by us humans too.

As part of the week-long event, we’re selling an expanded range of nest boxes at our Wolseley Centre HQ and Westport Lake Visitor Centre in Stoke-on-Trent starting from just £6.”

Over 60 species of bird have been known to use nest boxes, including tits, sparrows and robins.

More advice on nest boxes, including guidance on choosing the best box for the species that visit your garden is available online at www.staffs-wildlife.org.uk.

For more information contact Staffordshire Wildlife Trust on 01889 880100.