Growing Guiding in Stone!


At a recent promise party held at 5th Stone Rainbows, Guide Head quarters eight Rainbows and three Leaders made their promises for the first time.

The unit opened its doors last Autumn with a taster session attended by seven very excited little girls and now has thirteen members and a waiting list.

The promise party was made more special as three members of the same family made their promise: Chloe ,aged 6, Vicky her mum, as a unit helper and Jill her grandma who is an assistant Guider in training.

The unit was set up by Cathy Collier who happens to be the Mayor of Stone this year and is also Stone’s District Commissioner. The need for another Rainbow unit was evident and with the help of the Division and Growing Guiding tips and ideas the unit opened and looks forward to providing fun, adventures and challenges for girls who may not have had the opportunity to guide before.

The unit could not have opened without Jill and Vicky volunteering, so for further information on guiding opportunities in Stone for girls aged 5 plus and for volunteering opportunities for adults please ring Cathy Collier on 01785 247306